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Sexton Landscape Services provides a wide variety of professional landscaping services for businesses throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. Our staff can take your drab yard and turn it into a beautiful desert oasis.

Here are some of the services that Sexton Landscape offers:

Landscape Design – Make your business in the Phoenix Metropolitan area look amazing with professional landscape designs from Sexton Landscape Services. We design each project with your goals in mind and offer advice based on our many years of experience.

Landscape Installation – The installation of landscaping requires a professional to ensure that your design becomes a reality. All structures and vegetation will be perfectly married to create an inviting and eye-appealing landscape.

Debris Removal – Don’t let branches, leaves and grass pile up on your lawn. Have Sexton Landscape Services clean up the lawn of your office and make it look outstanding.

Weed Control – Here in Arizona, we have weeds that can grow pretty much year round. Let Sexton Landscape Services come to your Phoenix business and professionally keep weed growth in control.

Irrigation Services – To keep your lawn, plants and trees green and lush, have Sexton Landscape Services install and maintain an irrigation system. We provide both commercial irrigation services.

Lawn Fertilizing – We have two lawn seasons in Arizona. During the summer we have Bermuda grass and in the winter we have Rye grass. Sexton Landscape Services is skilled at properly fertilizing lawns during both seasons to keep them nice and green.

Winter Lawn Installation – When the Bermuda grass gets ready to go dormant for the winter, get your commercial property ready with the installation of winter Rye. Sexton Landscape Services knows the perfect methods to provide your home or business with a beautiful winter lawn.

All of our landscaping services and products are guaranteed. All plant material receives a 30 day guarantee. Trees are guaranteed for 90 days and our irrigation systems come with a 1 year warranty.


Give Sexton Landscape Services a call today to learn more about the professional landscaping services that we can provide your business with. You can reach us at602-942-3653. We provide landscaping services throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. You can also reach use with any landscaping service questions that you may through our contact us page.

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